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Grierson Galleries

Creativity Unchained

Grierson Galleries – contemporary, exciting, visionary and believing in Creativity Unchained. A name synonymous with being both a driving force in its field whilst at the same time very much having a presence in the local community, thereby spanning two worlds in one hit!

The former Mayor of Sevenoaks, Cllr Andrew Eyre has stated that, “Grierson Galleries is a welcome and necessary addition to the businesses and creative spirit of Sevenoaks”

We believe that our philosophy of creating a new, contemporary Gallery with a broader and more meaningful concept, both locally focused as well as embracing art from across the globe is the ultimate key to success. We work with diverse and dynamic artists who want to create a long-standing relationship with Grierson Galleries.

Annie Watsham - Grierson Galleries in Sevenoaks, Kent

Annie Watsham (Owner)

48a High Street, Sevenoaks, Kent

The Gallery – which is not just to exhibit works of art but also an events arena – is housed on the ground floor of a beautiful 18th century house on Austen Drive in the heart of Sevenoaks town centre, and the house, like the private road, has associations with Jane Austen’s family. Thus there’s an amazing historical story attached and Grierson Galleries is delighted to be the present part of this history and story with a huge creative story and past to uphold!

Art gallery in Sevenoaks, Kent

Artist Community

The Gallery space adds to the vitality and interest of the town centre and Grierson Galleries is proud to have integrated with the community and has forged links with Sevenoaks School where a wealth of young talent lies. Young artists are welcome and we look forward to liaising with them. We have an eclectic mix of exhibitions lined up from artists both in the UK and globally.

Entrance - Chris Blunkell Kent Artist

Entrance by Chris Blunkell


Grierson Galleries Artist in Residence

At just 19 years old Max is a former Sevenoaks School student now studying architecture at Cardiff University. He has been interested in art for as long as he can remember and this has developed to a point where he now creates his own art and styles.

Max works exclusively with Grierson Galleries and combines university with continuing to grow as an artist and develop his style as a painter of cityscapes and night scenes. His work is selling extremely well and we are working on other avenues to showcase his incredible art.

This is just a brief email to let you know how incredibly pleased we are with our recent purchase of “Rush Hour”! The painting is awesome and in addition to its first instant “appeal” it continues to draw us in again and again and is a focal point of many conversations with family and friends.
How you managed to capture a typical London scene along The Strand with such authenticity (both in terms of scenery and feel), the reflections of light and darkness, the wet, the movement of people along the pavement etc. is absolutely stunning and doesn’t cease to amaze us.
We hear that you have moved on to study architecture at Cardiff and wish you all the very best along the way! No doubt you will do great and we sincerely hope that you will continue with your art work – the world is waiting for you and we will definitely look out for your pieces!


art gallery Sevenoaks

Max White (Artist in residence)
Please contact us to view his work



Grierson Galleries is delighted to be working with Tom Payne, the outstandingly talented ceramic sculptor and model maker. With past projects from full-sized baby elephants to polar bears and astonishingly lifelike sports people from cricket to rugby players and much in between, Tom is passionate about his work.

My sculptures are generally figurative and built using coiling techniques in high-grog crank clay. I concentrate on poise and character rather than realism but like my figure to be easily recognisable so that people can relate to them. My finishing is normally quite rough as I like to show the surface and making-marks such as fingerprints. Each figure is a one-off piece; however they exist in themes and groupings.”

ceramic sculptor and model maker - cricket batsman

Sculpture Commissions
Grierson Galleries supporting Sevenoaks Vine Cricket Club has commissioned a ceramic cricket batsman (Sweep Shot, Cow Corner), created for the SVCC PCA England Masters event on 31/08/17.

For more information on Tom’s work please do contact us

Original in the extreme, each piece is individually sculpted from high-grog crank (ceramic), unique and is most certainly a one-off!


NB Gurung

NB Gurung – breaking news!
Street II and Street III have now arrived.

Please call to make an appointment to view.
Can also be viewed at www.nbgurungart.com

Street II

Street III

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