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Adèle paints spontaneously laying colour down, working the surface until forms emerge that inform her of the direction the painting will take.

Adèle Love has exhibited across the UK since graduating in Fine Art in 1999 with work in two private collections. Previously a self-promoting artist, she learnt the business side of art as a gallery assistant in London’s West End and was a curator for a university gallery after completing a Postgraduate Certificate in Fine Art Management. Her paintings and promotional skills attracted local and national press attention for her solo exhibitions in Greenwich and Docklands until she took a 10 -year career break to raise her children. Back actively painting over the last three years, Adèle now creates works that are about enjoying painting. She wants to concentrate on her work.

Her fine art training demanded that she give meaning and dialogue to her work but now she focuses on the deeply personal subconscious process of painting allowing the viewer to engage in the way that has meaning for them. As Adèle moves through life, she experiences a satisfaction and greater understanding from not thinking but feeling and this awareness has had a great influence on her work.
Adèle paints spontaneously laying colour down, working the surface until forms emerge that inform her of the direction the painting will take. Through this process, memories of drawing in the landscape, the sensations of being there, the colours, edges of forms, growth and decay, the emotional growth within her as she moves through various life stages and gains a greater sense of herself all seep into the work and spill out into the paint. Adèle enjoys the subtle interplay of figurative and abstract elements within her work sometimes choosing to focus more on the former or latter depending on where the mood takes her.
The last three years, Adele has exhibited locally with another artist in Rochester where she lives as part of Medway Open Studios. This has been a successful event each year, attracting over 350 people to the venue in a week. She has enjoyed success through exhibiting in alternative venues and is looking forward to exhibiting with The Hive in February and March 2020.

Grierson Galleries’ artist wins double award!
Adèle Love who is one of Grierson Galleries’ Artists for Investment and who exhibited with Grierson Galleries at The Hive in Cranbrook, Kent earlier this year, has recently won the SAA Artist of the Year Professional Abstract category for her painting ‘Promise’ that she created during lockdown! Adèle’s work – which was hugely successful in the Grierson Galleries’ Escape from Reality exhibition at the beginning of 2020 – is truly inspirational.

Adèle says, ‘I joined SAA in January 2020 and during lockdown decided to put my work on their site as a member and enter a couple of their competitions. I went in for their front cover magazine competition for their bi-monthly member magazine that reaches over 45,000 artists and applied for Artist of the Year.
‘Well I was successful in both! I will have my work featured in November with a three-page interview with images of my work and I also won Artist of the Year Professional Abstract category in the competition! Apparently there were 4900 entries across various categories!’

Adèle Love, October 2020


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