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Beverley Bunn Glass ArtistBeverley Bunn brings together her artistic flair and a background in engineering to create fused glass art in both 2D and 3D formats.

From her studio in Chatham, she designs collections for galleries, makes bespoke art for homes and workspaces, produces seasonal gift ranges and teaches the art of glass fusing.

Beverly’s art is a mixture of 2D wall art and 3D sculpture, vessels and functional art made from fused glass. As an ex-engineer, working with kiln-formed glass enables her to be both creative and scientific, as glass has rules, but they can be pushed. I work with a variety of glass mediums from sheet glass to glass powder, to create dynamic, unambiguous, artwork.

She believes that glass provides the ideal medium to express my love of colour, texture and naturally occurring shapes and patterns. Some artwork is quite painterly in its execution, for example, my current series of sunsets and skylines made using glass powder, is fired very low and retains the grainy mat texture of the original glass powder. Other 3D artwork is more typical of how people understand glass – shiny and smooth. The ability to control the outcome of these various works, by the application of heat in the kiln, is what peaks my interest.

The sunset and skies collection is a new technique she developed whilst working on a series of planets. Planets are not shiny, so Beverly wanted them to appear as I imagined their surfaces looked – grainy and mat. Working with glass powder at much lower temperatures than regular glass fusing temperatures enabled this texture to be retained in the work. Most people who saw them at the launch in 2019 thought they were not glass at all and had to touch them to prove it to themselves. I loved this, as provoking reactions and wonder is surely the aim of modern art!

Her work will be on permanent display at the HiveHub.


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