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Carole Aston


Art Biography

From designing textiles and wallpapers in gouache to painting landscapes in watercolours, acrylics and pastels, Carole has used all kinds of media in her artwork

My most recent work has been in linocut, usually in black-and-white but sometimes combined with collage or ‘chine colle’ for added colour.

“I prepare for a painting or print by doing lots of drawing. I have built up a collection of sketchbooks for reference and I add to them constantly, drawing in waterproof pen, sometimes adding watercolour. I find effects of light very inspiring; ordinary objects and scenes can be transformed by light into exciting subjects. I usually have two or three pieces of work in progress at the same time, maybe a linocut, a collage and a watercolour that I am preparing to demonstrate to an art club or class, She describes

Her thoughts for the future are to develop her mixed-media work, which provides an opportunity for taking chances, being inventive and generally approaching a subject in a different way.


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