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Claire Sparkes


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Claire Sparkes_Photo(1)Claire is a figurative artist living and working on the south-east coast of England.

Claire is a figurative artist living and working on the south-east coast of England. She studied a degree in fine art painting at the Liverpool Sir John Moores University, and a Masters Degree in fine art painting at the University for Creative Arts at Canterbury. Claire has exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions in London, other UK cities and abroad. Her work is held in private collections, and she has undertaken portrait commissions, and some illustration work. She has won awards for her drawing and painting, and in 2019 was elected a member of the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours. In 2013 Claire was elected a member of the Society of Graphic Fine Artists, and is currently a member of its council. Since 1995, Claire has also taught a variety of successful drawing and painting courses.

Claire’s work primarily focuses upon people whilst also encompassing still life, interiors and landscapes. At times her work crosses these boundaries interrelating and layering elements. This leads to the weaving of narratives that draw upon connections through time and place, as well as between cultures, individuals and mythologies.

Claire regards drawing as fundamental to her artistic practice, and places great importance on the continued development of her observational and mark-making skills. Techniques of drawing and painting interplay within her work. Claire usually paints with watercolour enjoying its fluidity and versatility. She also likes to paint with oils on canvas, enjoying the physicality of the medium. Claire employs a range of materials as appropriate for the subject and the development of her work.


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