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Les Williams


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Les Williams is President of the Society of Graphic Fine Art

“I suppose given my position I should be shouting to the world about the value of drawing skills in the contemporary art world. It seems to me that up until recently I would have been a relatively lone voice, as in our current scene from fine art artists to academia, very few worked with a foundation of drawing in their work.

“To quote a tutor at a drawing school ‘I had to introduce a student who already had an art degree to the world of paper and pencil, they had not used them to date’ Surely there is a place for the basics.”

So Les Williams practices what he preaches. He says he perceives that we are witnessing a sea change, from grassroots to academia we are seeing a returned interest in using drawing as a foundation of artwork.
That is the tought he wants to bring to the new artistic debate.

Williams still feels the desire to use the very old fashioned dip pen, which produces so many variations of line and lots of happy accidents. My work mainly involves landscape, buildings and also a lot of marine work along the North Norfolk coast.


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