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Max White


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Max White ArtistMax White is a young British artist who was introduced to the art world in 2016 by Grierson Galleries.

His artwork represents an appreciation for the extraordinary within the ordinary everyday. In scenes which may seem like the daily walk to work, or the weekend stroll, Max takes time to stop and look for opportunities, focusing on light, and composition, his paintings show some of the most iconic streets of Central London, to the Needles rock formations in the Isle of Wight.

Since his first exhibition with Grierson Galleries, Max has solidified a following in the art world of Kent and has seen growing success within his field of art despite completing a bachelor degree in architecture recently. Max is very much a developing artist, still aged only 20, so the scope for his potential is looking far to the future. Max hopes to build on the foundation of his earlier works, and develop his style to represent more abstract concepts and situations within the environment of ordinary life, to comment on the way things are, and the way Max interprets his surroundings.


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