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Poppy Tangen-Knight


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Poppy’s pictures are egg tempera on paper. Tempera was a primary method of painting until 1500.

She says she likes the idea of using traditional techniques with contemporary styles and narratives. Embracing this tradition she makes her own paints, using powdered pigment and binder.

The styles and inspiration come from long forest walks with its deep atmospheric quality. There is a magical element to the forest and its immersive environment. Surrounded by the beauty of nature peaceful one feels removed from the outside world. Stress levels are reduced and a sense of comfort evolved from being there. It has lead me her to contemplate how humans evolved through nature so it could be conceivable that it is instinctive for one to feel more comfortable in the forest. Modern man is much more removed from nature. With more and more people living in the cities. Constantly surrounded by media, mobile phones, laptops, iPads, computer games and often not unplugging from technology.

Fuelled by these thoughts, questions, curiosity Poppy found the term ‘Shinrin-Yoku’- also know as ‘forest bathing’. Research conducted in China and Japan points to a plethora of health benefits for human physiological and psychological systems associated with Shinrin-Yoku. The science of natures influence on ones health and happiness. Restoring health and balance through our relationship with the natural environment. Medical studies have shown natures ability to lower the levels of stress indicator cortisol, lower blood pressure and pulse rate. It all focuses on the human relationship with physical environments.

Poppy’s paintings try and capture that experience in the forest. The transformative qualities of the light through the trees and how it creates different atmospheres. It looks at the juxtaposition between beauty and eerie. The aesthetic style has also been influenced by a love of cinematography. And film directors such a David Lynch.

Her aim is to remind the viewer of the beauty and value of the forest. And for them to be able to almost step into the paintings, into another world, another space. A space they can dream. Bridging the gap between us and the natural world.


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