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Scarlett Woodman is a Kent-based artist working from her home studio in Biddenden.

Scarlett Woodman is a Kent-based artist working from her home studio in Biddenden. She graduated from Camberwell college of Arts in 2017 with a BA in painting, and since has drawn inspiration and gathered her materials from her immediate surrounding landscape of the Kentish countryside.
Her practise explores and reflects upon the relationship between the natural and the man-made worlds, how they can be both constructive and destructive towards one another and the conflict that exists between them. She is particularly concerned with our relationship with nature and the apparent disconnect that exists between us and our natural environment, in the way we abuse its resources and take it for granted, being incredibly damaging towards it.
She collects and utilises a combination of natural, organic and reclaimed building materials, drawn to their colours, textures, forms, and most importantly, their histories. To these found objects, she then applies a range of both constructive and destructive processes, including painting, drawing, scratching and burning.
Recently, trees have taken over as her most prominent subject and obsession, as she finds them the ultimate symbol of this balance between strength and fragility. Like anchors of time, they show the slow and steady growth of nature, against the rush of human activity that they witness. In etching trailing branches across materials meant for construction.
Whilst studying at Camberwell, Scarlett exhibited regularly in London, and has continued to do so since at art fairs including the Grid Art Fair, Southbank and Parallax, Chelsea. She has also exhibited widely across Kent and Sussex, including with the Pure Arts Group in Battle, the Cranbrook Art Show, and Grierson Gallery’ Benenden Art Show.


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