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Max White Online Exhibition

Online Exhibition
Grierson Galleries is delighted to showcase the online exhibition of Max White’s latest works: Inspiration in the Time of COVID.

  • Grierson Galleries Virtual Tour

Towards the Sunrise Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour
Toward the Sunrise Art and Culture must go on! When you are staring at four walls, why not put something on them? Due to the current outbreak and difficult viral situation, Grierson Galleries is uniquely taking you on a badly commentated ‘virtual tour’ of the current exhibition inspired by eastern art!

  • Jeremy Bear: The Coy Geisha, Kyoto

Toward the Sunrise

March 16th – May 2nd 2020
An eclectic mix of eastern inspired artwork: Japan, India, China, Nepal, Mongolia and Vietnam are all highlighted in this unique exhibition

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Adèle – Grierson Artist wins award

Adèle Love who is one of Grierson Galleries’ Artists for Investment and who exhibited with Grierson Galleries at The Hive in Cranbrook, Kent earlier this year, has recently won the SAA Artist of the Year Professional Abstract category

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