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You can look at a picture for a week and never think of it again. You can also look at the picture for a second and think of it all your life

Joan Miro


These days following the Time of Covid , more than ever we need to be uplifted by glorious art in our homes and our offices. More and more people are working from home now and have set up their own space, sometimes building extra space, sometimes utilising existing space. Whatever your circumstances, it’s important to make your mark, make the space ‘your own’!

Grierson Galleries is very excited to be able to offer a wide and varied range of hugely talented artists who can provide works of art from small prints to huge statement pieces! Our new Gallery at Chitters in Dorothy Avenue, Cranbrook (see CONTACT page for details) will be showcasing our artists, old and new, whatever their genre, their works will be for sale, providing a brand new exciting artistic environment.

Grierson Galleries will be offering not just a Gallery but a space for workshops for artists to showcase their skills, as well as a forum for talks and demonstrations on all things art.

Artistic scope

The innovative attitude of Grierson Galleries has come about through years of interacting with artists and buyers, talking to them, finding out what they like, what they admire. We have long supported diverse and dynamic artists who want to create a long-standing relationship in the area of the Weald and beyond – including France and Nepal!

Located at Chitters, The Old Brewery, Dorothy Avenue in the beautiful Wealden town of Cranbrook, the new Grierson Galleries has chosen to do something completely innovative.

Exhibitions and events will be regular, and the entire venture is designed to be flexible, facilitating both artists and buyers and those who are interested in art in its fullest form. Gain advice, talk art in a truly congenial setting. People from far and wide are encouraged to visit and and see what the new Grierson Galleries can offer.

A room hung with pictures is a room hung with thoughts
Joshua Reynolds

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