Pictures at an Exhibition

26th October 2019 – 1st December 2019

Grierson Galleries at the Hive, 19 Stone Street, Cranbrook, Kent TN17 3HF


A shared exhibition.  Artists include: Jane Molineaux Boon, David Aspinall, Chris Blunkell, Len Cook, Amanda Averillo and a signed Giclee print, Bob Dylan

Pictures at an Exhibition, a name that ‘states the obvious’, but is also a musical work in ten movements by Russian composer Mussorgsky that was inspired by a visit to an art exhibition in 1874 and devoted to his artist friend Viktor Hartmann. There is no link here, just the name, but the music was composed to enhance an exhibition experience. Have a listen; come and see what the music was about.

The new exhibition currently showing in Grierson Galleries in the Hive is only the second in this brand new and unique venue. It is displaying an eclectic mix of painters, with all artists closely linked by locality and based in Kent.

The styles are very varied, but all are mix media paint artists who are very well established and recognized well beyond the county frontier and across the sea!

Five artists are exhibiting with an added bonus! Jane Molineaux Boon, David Aspinall, Len Cook, Amanda Averillo, Chris Blunkell and Bob Dylan. Yes, also for sale is a rare limited edition signed Bob Dylan Giclee print, ‘Midnight Caller’.

All artists are masters of their medium: oil, acrylic & charcoal, watercolour or monotype and all are linked by their vibrant use of colour, draftsmanship and detail.


Included are Molineaux Boon’s intense studies using deep colour, pattern and realism across to Chris Blunkell’s loose abstract and raw landscape studies. Amanda Averillo’s warm, timeless and uninhibited subtle interiors to David Aspinall’s watercolour exercises in moody, light and dark studies of street scenes.

All are welcome to an open viewing on
Saturday 26th October from 3pm – 7pm