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Grierson Galleries’ Forum

The art world is a very interactive world. Galleries sit as the central hub between those who create and those who collect and admire. Actually it is more than that. Communication is a huge part of arts and culture, the sharing of ideas, genres and skills. Where, what, how and whom…And how much!?

Grierson Galleries is keen to create a forum where artists, collectors and those involved can share these thoughts: Ask questions, create a stir, question the scene. Basically, a forum. It sounds gladiatorial, and that is the point. It can be. There is no point in getting all clichéd: make comments that are funny, inspiring, controversial. So have a chat, leave a comment, be radical. Say what you would like to see, a viewpoint. Make it reasonable. These are early days. It will become more refined.

We want you to bookmark Grierson Galleries so you can see and hear what is happening, and join in. Art is, after all, a visualization of thoughts, words are the other method of conveying them!

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