Toward the Sunrise – Virtual tour

Art and Culture must go on! When you are staring at four walls, why not put something on them?

Due to the current outbreak and difficult viral situation, Grierson Galleries is uniquely taking you on a badly commentated ‘virtual tour’ of the current exhibition inspired by eastern art!

Adapt and cope! If you would like to buy any pieces of work – original or browser pieces we can take payment and can arrange delivery on art orders, please do call for further details.

You can attend in person and have a guided tour if you wish, but by appointment only. Please get in touch directly:
Annie Watsham: 07970 413492
Chris Hounsfield: 07592 426600

Or turn up at the Hive and simply ask! The Hive, 19 Stone St, Cranbrook, Kent TN17 3HF