Wealden Talent

Annie Watsham dives into supporting Wealden artists in this time of Covid

Running A gallery is not just about hanging works on walls or exhibiting 3D pieces, it’s also about involvement. Involvement with the artists, the public, the supporters, the buyers and the venues which facilitate so many exciting events.

It’s about immersing yourself in all things art and being open to suggestions, offers, requests. It’s about engaging with and supporting societies and groups from both local areas and further afield. And it’s about building up trust and relationships with individuals, groups, suppliers, colleagues. This is what makes it so very exciting!

In 2018 Grahame and I were so honoured to be asked to open the Society of Graphic Fine Art (SGFA) 99th Private View at the Menier Gallery in London. So I was again thrilled to be asked at the beginning of 2020 to open the Weald of Kent Art Society (WOKAS) Art Unlocked Exhibition PV by current president Graham Lock in Tenterden in August.

Of course, during this time of Covid most, if not all, art shows and exhibitions have been cancelled and many have gone online. This exhibition was put online and I was delighted to be asked to choose virtually three highly commended and two commended pieces.

It really wasn’t easy, however I managed it and the results can be seen below.

The Weald of Kent Art Society embraces and encourages art in all its forms and currently has a steady 100 artists. A fun, vibrant, proactive and friendly group of enthusiasts of all ages and artistic levels they – under normal circumstances – hold late autumn, winter and early spring fortnightly meetings including demonstrations by visiting artists; workshops, talks and outdoor painting days are also organised. It holds two exhibitions a year of members’ work.

Support for all our artists and creatives is more important now than ever before so Grierson Galleries is delighted to be able to become involved and do whatever it takes.

Early Morning Swell by Tony Langham

Early Morning Swell Oil on Canvas
A very free style leaving no doubt as to the unpredictability and wildness of the sea. A sense of crashing, meeting an equally unpredictable sky. Nature in the raw. Quite a lonely feeling looking at it

Moored off Sun Pier by Graham Lock

Moored off Sun Pier Watercolour
Here a delicate and rather moving scene of mist rising around those beautiful boats at that very special time in the morning when all is quiet. A very evocative atmosphere, full of hope for the coming day

Dungeness by David Dixon

Dungeness Acrylic

I chose this as I loved the juxtaposition of the sad, decaying hull against what seemed to me to be an incredibly optimistic backdrop of the deep blue sea and the beautiful iconic white cliffs gradually drawing the eye to the horizon

Sunny Day in Lucca, Italy by David Aspinall


Sunny Day in Lucca, Italy Watercolour
Atmospheric in the extreme, I could step in to the scene

Plums by Mark Farrow


Plums LE Giclee Print Photomontage on Canvas
Beautiful composition